Top 4 Reasons to use Whole Milk Powder.

Top 4 Reasons to use Whole Milk Powder.

Top 4 Reasons to use Whole Milk Powder.

Powdered milk often gets overlooked but it is actually a super convenient, healthy and nutritious way to consume milk.

It’s good for you:
Powdered milk is a great source of vitamins (including A, D, E and K) and minerals, like magnesium, zinc, potassium, and phosphorous, as well as being pretty high in calcium too, which is great to know if you are nursing, are pregnant, or have osteoporosis in your family history.

It’s easy to keep:
Powdered milk is produced by extracting both water and fat from fresh pasteurized milk. As a result, milk powder has a much longer shelf life than liquid milk and does not need to be refrigerated.

It’s convenient:
On-the-go parents take note, powdered milk is an excellent substitute for milk and is light, to carry as well as being easy to prepare. Simply add water and dissolve and you have a happy bub, which makes for a happy mom. And what if you are travelling long distances, camping for instance or going on a long vacation in an RV? Powdered whole milk is the answer for how to make sure there is cream for your morning coffee, or milk for your cereal.

It is perfect for baking:
Did you know that powdered whole milk is works astonishingly well in cooking (particularly baking), and is considerably cheaper to by than fresh milk? Powdered milk performs flawlessly in most recipes calling for fresh milk.

A few things to make with powdered milk:
Cookies, cakes, flavored milks or milkshakes, pancakes, meat marinated in milk (try this old fashioned marinade for soft, fall off the bone meat roasts)

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