Helping smart companies increase their production and productivity.  – Smart Food Processing For Greater Productivity

Food development for public consumption takes time, patience and a few good resources.  Equichem is one of your best resources.  At Equichem, we will R &D the key food ingredient and enzyme blend or nutritional profile to complete your product for production.  If you are in the flour, bakery or beverage industries use Equichem as your secret source.  90% of our products are custom formulated and manufactured to treat flour, condition dough for baking and power pack beverages with desired vitamins and minerals.  We are an aligned connection to your proven success.

Our Beginnings: 40 Years Ago


Our story begins with Luis C. Lovis and Pennwalt Corporation.  1980:  Pennwalt assists Luis C. Lovis to incorporate Equi-Chem International, Inc. as the exclusive representative company for their Flour Milling Division in the Global Market.  This successful partnership continued until 1985, when Pennwalt sold operations to what was then known as Elf Atochem North America.


We remain headquartered in the Chicago area and still fulfill a need within the flour milling industry and now the bakery and beverage industries as well.  Helping smart companies increase their production and productivity.
-Smart food processing, for greater productivity- Equichem 


It is our pleasure to be a part of the food supply of the world; from product development to final manufacture.
Product Portfolio

Helping smart companies increase their production and productivity.  – Smart Food Processing For Greater Productivity

Align Your Connections- Food Development

Equichem International, Inc. simplifies your efforts to expand your product portfolio.  Working thoughtfully, we develop, produce and supply specialty food ingredients, enzyme blends and nutritional products and premixes for use in various food processing applications. All of our specialty blends are custom formulated and blended allowing versatility for the food developer and producer to meet changing product development goals and to remain current to consumer and marketing trends.

Scope of Services:
• Product Specification
• Product Development
• Technical Support
• Final Custom Manufacturing
• In-House Laboratory
• QC, Analytical and Product Development

  • New ‘Magic’ Fruity Pebbles cereal flavor announced

    Feb 13, 2020

    Some cute innovations..just for fun...pink Fruity Pebbles turn milk blue.

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  • Snack Food Sales to Continue to Soar During Super Bowl Week

    Jan 28, 2020

    Super Bowl Snacking Data
    Comparing 2019 shopping data from Super Bowl week with the prior week, IRI found significant increases in the following snack categories during Super Bowl week:

    Tortilla Chips 24.3%
    Pretzels 14.5%
    Potato Chips 11.8%
    Refrigerated Dips 33.0%
    Dry Dip Mixes 53.0%
    In total, Americans eat a staggering 90 million pounds of snacks on Super Bowl Sunday

  • Cell-based meats approaching scalability

    Jan 28, 2020

    "Several companies, including BlueNalu, Future Meat Technologies, Finless Foods, Wild Type and Aleph Farms, all raised more than $10 million last year, bringing the total amount raised by cultured meat start-ups since 2015 to more than $155 million. That number more than doubled last week, when Berkeley, Calif.-based Memphis Meats secured $161 million in the category’s first Series B round. The breakthrough round was the largest to date for the cell-based meat industry."

  • Astronauts bake in space for first time

    Jan 27, 2020

    Baking in Space!


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