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Discover & Explore:

Discover & Explore: "Old ways won't open new doors"

Discover the effective way flour millers, bakeries and beverage manufacturers are streamlining their production,with technologically advanced premixes, specially designed to make inventory lean, production efficient, faster and more profitable.

Bench top formulating to manufacturing. Begin your R&D with ease. Low Minimums to launch new products to market faster.

Nutri-Mix Product Line- Custom Vitamin Premixes are designed to meet nutritional requests for different products.
Flour: Standard Premix for CFR standard identidy for enriched flour. Government requirements for enriched corn, flour or pasta. Value added formulas including Vitamin D, Calcium and Iron
Bakery: Nutritional formulas for energy and granola bars, oatmeal and various baked goods
Beverages: Vitamin, mineral, energy, caffeine and electrolyte aspects.

Viva Product LIne- Custom blends to condition flour to perform the way you (the formulator and manufacturer) want your product to bake.

Extendays Line-. Custom blends to combat mold. Blends provide a mold inhibitor and shelf life extender system to wheat flour products (WITHOUT ANY PROPIONATES) making the final product fresher and better tasting.
Using Extendays also eliminates the harsh odor that propionates tend to impart.

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